Read less of what I say. See more of what I've done.

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It’s all about the work. And here it is.

You don’t just want promises, claims, and boasts. You want a safe pair of hands. And you want to know what your freelance copywriter will actually give you. That’s fine. Let’s put the self-promotion aside. Here’s some work. You be the judge.

Download a handy PDF portfolio.

Looking for a quick overview of who I am, what I do, and what I’ve done for other clients?

I’ve put together a self-contained PDF, so you can get an introduction in one handy place.

Don’t take my word. Take theirs.

"I would not hesitate to recommend Stephen as a first-class copywriter. He’s become a valued member of our virtual team, as well as a good friend!"– Anita Trozzo, Sphere Creative
"Stephen is easy to work with, incredibly responsive, and his work is always of very high quality. I consider Stephen to be an extension of the team, who just happens to work off site, permanently."– Mark Weatherill, Alpha Generation
"We’ve used Stephen’s talents on many occasions - it’s like he can turn his hand to absolutely anything."- Rachel Atkins, Not Just Travel
"Stephen always comes up with the goods."- Stuart Gilbertson, Consider IT
"The resulting copy has transformed the way we communicate our impact."- Rachel Butler, In Kind Direct
"I’d recommend Stephen to anyone, but won’t... I need him all to myself!"- Jamie MacDow, Senior Account Manager, 1973
"With the new copy, our products feel right. It captures the Rhino range in a unique, fresh way - just like we wanted"- Ave Grete Arismaa, Product Development Manager, Victor Stationery

Recent Projects

In a rush? Grab my self-contained PDF portfolio.