If you're doing digital, don't do the same old thing. Play to the web's unique strengths.

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Digital copywriting. Done right.

Like traditional copy, digital is about capturing attention, communicating benefits, and converting prospects. But from your homepage to your emails, digital formats call for a different approach. One that understands how people consume their media online. One that’s always considering user experience. One that’s tailored to everything digital can offer. And unlocks its real potential.

Hard-working websites. Emails that engage.

For startups and big brands alike, I’ve worked on everything from website copy to emails, blog posts, social media, and a range of display ads.

That’s included:

  • A high-performing prospecting email that went out to 100 million prospects
  • Planning and structuring websites to support key messaging and usability
  • Working in close partnership with designers to get the perfect match of copy and visual style

Recent Digital projects

Vitabiotics Logo

Vitabiotics Tone of Voice and Copy

I helped Vitabiotics cement its position as a market leader with a clear personality, defined tone of voice, and consistency at every touchpoint.

Secunia AUT Case Study

With a focus on showing benefits in action, I helped IT firm Secunia turn a recent success into an engaging story.

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