A fresh new approach for a market leader.

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Vitabiotics Tone of Voice & Copy

The project.

Vitabiotics Logo

When supplements leader Vitabiotics was planning a modern new website, they needed a tone of voice and complete copy to match. From Pregnacare to SuperDog, I developed an approach that connected more closely with customers – and gave Vitabiotics a distinct personality at every touchpoint.

The copy (excerpt).

Vitabiotics was founded on a single big idea: to ’empower healthy living through innovation in nutritional healthcare’.

For over 40 years, we’ve been committed to that same goal – helping you to be at your best, day-after-day and whatever life throws at you.

Today, what life looks like has changed, but we’re still supporting people in more ways than ever. Above all else, we remain the same independent, family-run British business we’ve always been – a name people trust for safe, balanced and effective support.

Vitabiotics Tone of Voice and Copy

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