Turning a series of events into a compelling story.

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Secunia AUT Case Study

The project.

When software security specialists Secunia wanted to tell the story of yet another successful project, I turned their raw material into an engaging narrative – one that would capture the attention of prospects and, crucially, maintain it.

The copy (excerpt).


Since implementing Secunia CSI, the university has been able to more easily discover vulnerable applications, prioritise patching with real-time intelligence, and apply patches ef ciently.

In particular, the Secunia Package System (SPS) plays a key role in rolling out updates across the infrastructure. SPS is a platform for installing, con guring, uninstalling, and deploying updates, including those that are not security-related.

“With SPS, we can respond much faster, especially for products where silent update packages can be created automatically,” adds Cullum. “Even where we have to create silent packages ourselves, it’s still much easier and quicker to deploy than making a separate SCCM package for every update on an ad-hoc basis.”

In addition, Secunia’s CSI dashboard equips the university with the detailed intelligence it needs to make informed decisions about patching.

Secunia AUT Case Study

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