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You Haven’t Got Time to Read This

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So, I haven’t been the world’s best blogger lately.

In fact, I haven’t posted for what seems like an age. There’s only one person to blame.

Wait, no. It’s not me! No, I’m innocent in all this. The only person to blame is you. If you’re a client, you’ve taken up my time with, you know, writing copy. Copywriting. You should be ashamed.

But I’m not writing this to diss you on the internet. I’m writing this to say thanks.

Because it made me realise something quite useful.

Everybody’s Really Busy.

Yeah, sounds obvious, doesn’t it? I’m too busy to write a blog and you’re probably too busy to read it. But it gets worse.

You’re also too busy to read my entire website front to back, or check through every piece of work in my copywriting portfolio. I get it. I know how you feel. And I’ve found a new way to help you.

From right now, you can download a document I’ve called ‘Hello.’ (If you can’t wait until the end, click here to view it).

It’s as simple as it sounds – the ultra condensed version of me, my work, and how I can help you out.

Mostly, it’s showing through doing. A few handy samples in a self-contained document. But in just a few pages, you’ll come away with:

  • An idea of my personality
  • The names of some clients I’ve written for
  • A few bits of work so you can get a taste of what I’ve done
  • An idea of how much you might be charged

All in one convenient file – because I appreciate how busy you are.

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