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An Incredibly Original Copywriting Blog Post

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I always tend to use a little bold line right at the start of a post.

And my opening lines tend to be quite precise. No fluff. Just a statement.

And you won’t be the first person to notice that I let some sentences drag on much longer than they really need to, just because I like to vary the pace.

Things go fast. Then they go slower, treading more carefully, breaking the pace with clauses.

Often on their own line.

At the same time, there are a few things I don’t do. I don’t really like swearing in blog posts. I certainly don’t use italics very often. And when it comes to punctuation and all that sort of thing, I put commas wherever I like and wouldn’t use a semi-colon if you paid me.

The way I write is my own. And the way you write is your own, too.

That’s what I’ve been talking about in my incredibly original blog post for Rob at Hello SEO Copywriting:

Read it now: The Secret Behind Original Copywriting

It’s a look at what it means to be original, how what you think is original isn’t original at all, and why Rush Hour and Life on Mars are basically the same thing.

Be sure to read it, post a comment, and tell your best friends.

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