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How To Attract Copywriting Clients

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What is the secret to success as a copywriter? Is it the quality of your services? Your commitment to doing good work? Your creativity?

It’s a lot more simple than that. Successful copywriters need clients.

Luckily, a copywriter should be pretty good at enticing people. But with so much attention on the copywriting for clients, it’s not a surprise that the blurb on your website, flyer or press ad can get left behind.

Be Your Own Copywriter First

When I’m working on copy for a client, I have a fairly clear process to follow. Some initial discussion leads to a brief, some back and forth refines it further, and then I get into my own process of research, writing, and proofing.

One of the most significant things that I do to keep my own copy on track is follow the same process. If I’m working on website content here, a blog post such as this one, or an advert to promote my own services, I’ll always start by briefing myself.

Take this website, which has only been in its current state for a short time. I had a clear idea of the content that I needed to write – client information, overview of my services, and some solid homepage copy. For some people, that might be enough information to get started.

But I wanted my own website to be representative. After all, this would be the first impression.

I needed to define a voice that was just as strong as the work I do for any client.

When a Copywriter Finds His Voice

The benefit of copywriting is better communication, which in turn will attract more people to your business and help to turn them into customers.

I express that idea on this website with one clear and simple message – businesses are inanimate. Your company is silent. But copywriting gives brands a voice.

Copywriting creates personality.

By taking the time to sit down with myself and discuss what my brand really stood for, I found a memorable phrase that can lead me through every piece of copywriting that my own business needs.

Attracting clients is the same as attracting customers. Why give your best to every paying client and leave your own business behind?

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