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Free Advice For PPI Claim Copywriters

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Anybody that knows me will tell you that I’m a friendly guy. People who come to me for copy know that I go the extra mile.

That’s why I’ve decided to help the hard working copywriters for PPI claims companies.

You’ve all seen the TV advertisements and print ads. Think just how many of those things need to be written every single day.

If you are a copywriter working for a PPI claims company, hang yourself.

No wait, I’m only joking. Send them this first.

Copywriting For PPI Claims Firm

This is not an important announcement. It’s an advert.

If you’ve taken out a loan, credit card or mortgage in the last ten years, you could be owed thousands. More likely, you are owed hundreds. Chances are most of you are owed nothing.

Thousands of people have been mis-sold payment protection insurance, or PPI. Many people didn’t ask for it, but the majority of those people were probably waiting for the terms and conditions part to be over, not listening for important information.

You might have PPI, and there is a chance that it was sold incorrectly.

We could give you some examples of people that we’ve helped, but what would be the point? Your situation is completely different. Just because we helped Mrs Brown from Swindon get £4000, there’s no telling if we could do the same for you. But surely it’s worth a try?

Even if your loan is paid off and the account is closed, you can still get back the money you have paid for PPI. In fact, you can do this without our help, by checking a few things on your agreement and contacting the provider.

But have you got time to do that? For a cut of the compensation, we’ll do the legwork. That’s one less thing.

So you choose. It’s not the end of the world but, if you do have a loan, check where you stand. And, if you’re a bit lazy or you don’t have a printer of your own, give us a call.

We could settle your claim in just a few weeks. It will probably take longer.

Template Copywriting Doesn’t Work

What’s my point?

No, genuinely, I’m starting to wonder.

I guess my point is that I’m sick to death of these PPI adverts, and I’m not the only one. They are so bloated, so hyperbolic, that the idea of claiming for money that you are owed becomes nothing more than a repeated nuisance.

My little copywriting template is tongue in cheek, but you know what? I think the PPI claims firm that tells it like it is would draw more attention than the ones already out there.

Whatever your line of business, don’t be like everybody else. Don’t let your brand become a man in a suit that talks in sales patter. If you give the benefit of your knowledge, your expertise and your personality, people will start to see the benefit of what you’re selling.



  1. Ash

    A couple of PPI companies do this already. Forbes Douglas being one of them!

    Great post though, still relevant today. It goes beyond PPI too – I think it’s what every business requires. You be honest, you get respect, you get repeat business and you get the all important word of mouth marketing.

    1. Stephen

      Absolutely – it’s about being frank, upfront, and to the point. If we’re talking about money and finance, it’s more important than ever. By being frank, you show customers respect. They give it back.

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