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Avoid Product Description Copywriter Burn Out

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Whenever I get the opportunity to work as a product description copywriter for a strong, well-defined brand, I just can’t help but say yes.

That was certainly the case with BabyHuddle, a leading social shopping site.

There is something about the humble product description that really appeals to me, whether the copy is for online or a printed catalogue.

I’d imagine I’m not alone. After all, putting together a product description is one of the most fundamental copywriting services. We take a product, or a category of products, and distil it until there are just a few words left.

Copywriting is taking ideas and making them simple, short, concise and persuasive. A good product description copywriter must be able to do all of these things, potentially thousands of times.

But that, of course, is where the problem lies – potentially thousands of times.

The Grind of Product Descriptions

After the first few hundred products, the spark of inspiration tends to go a bit dim. The descriptions that were coming out fairly easily become more difficult, compounded by the fact that you’ve used all of the most obvious phrases and descriptions for the target market.

It can be hard to know where to turn when you burn out on product description copywriting. The answer, of course, is the products themselves.

Products all have their own traits and their own personalities. A red and black pushchair made from ultra-lightweight material is different to the cheap and cheerful one in pink. A car seat priced at £200 is different to the one on offer at £50.

What are your products saying about themselves? And what does that say about the customers who would buy them? This is the source of great product copy.

What Makes Products Unique?

In the real world, I only have one child. I’ve taken the time to get to know her, and discovered that she is spectacular.

But, as far as I’m concerned, every other child is a bit generic.

Isn’t that true of everything? It’s only the things that invest in and really examine that become unique.

So get to know your products, really get to know them. Turn them in the light and realise that every single one of them is a little person in its own right.

That’s how product description copywriting becomes a creative process of discovery – from one item to one thousand.

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