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2012 Summer Sports Related Copywriting Post

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I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there is a large International sports competition about to start in England’s capital. And they’re being fiercely protective of their brand.

So, here I am, writing the blog post without using the word. Can I even say sports? I’ll take the risk.

In a world where people pay for an event and the related facilities through their taxes but still can’t reap the benefits, I’ve been thinking about how timely copywriting should be. Is it important that copywriting is always relevant to world events, or does timeless copy come from a more distanced perspective?

Copywriting Is Not An Introspective Art

It’s a fanciful notion that copywriters are creatives and, as a result, we’re sitting in dark rooms with a large scotch and a death wish. In reality, though, copywriting is social – our fundamental goal is, after all, to communicate.

Copywriting gives brands a life of their own and a personality that is unique. Personality is all about how somebody fits in with what is happening around them.

Take the example of somebody you’d describe as funny. In a situation where you would cry, he or she would probably make a joke. That’s what makes somebody who they are – unique, characteristic actions in response to situations.

So, if we want our brands to have personality, copywriting must always sit as part of a larger culture. Today, with a nation wrapped up in the world of sport and athletics (Can I say athletics?), embracing that spirit can only be a good thing.

How about a medical supplier taking the opportunity to highlight the dangers of sports-related injuries? Or  a security provider wryly mentioning that they will always deliver what they promise?

The Copywriting of Champions

Champion? I think I can get away with saying champion?

The brands that succeed are the ones with winning personalities. They stand out from competitors with a unique take on the world, a set of expected behaviours, and timely comments on current events. Any copywriting that doesn’t try to remain current will always lose a certain dynamic quality and, with the rise of blog copywriting, there are more opportunities than ever to stay up-to-date as an organisation.

It’s what I’ve done in this blog post, right here. My point is that no, you don’t need to say the phrase London 2012 or London Olympics (oops) every two lines.

But by simply being aware of the links between your business and current events, or using appropriate and timely examples to illustrate a point, you can give your brand a contemporary, up to date personality that customers engage with.

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