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A Freelance Copywriter That Knows Nothing

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You know what’s not great? Having more things to do.

And you know what working with a freelance copywriter usually means for your business? Managing yet another relationship, this time with somebody who will probably never be on-site.

But smart businesses know the value of a freelance copywriter. They understand that, when it’s time to put what you do into words, the specialist, independent knowledge of a freelancer quite simply can’t be beaten.

Let’s get it straight. This isn’t about the expertise or insight that a copywriter can bring, although that’s important. The reason that companies get what they need from me is not what I know, but what I don’t.

A Freelance Copywriter Doesn’t Know Your Business

It would be lovely to come out and say that I know all there is to know about perspex. But I don’t.

I also don’t know about:

  • Cars
  • Corporate Relocation
  • Financial Services

A more exhaustive list of things I don’t know about is available on request, but could go on a while.

One thing I do know about is food. I eat the stuff all the time. But let’s not get carried away. Whatever food your business sells, I don’t really know anything about that either.

As a freelance copywriter, I know about writing persuasively to inform, educate and motivate. But I don’t know anything about your business, your products, or your services.

That makes me just like your customers.

Think about the other people who work for your company on-site. Look at the way they talk to each other, the things they assume are common knowledge. Pick out those things that your business finds interesting because it has to.

To use a food analogy, look for the times when your team gets excited about the ingredients of a product, but forgets to mention how great it tastes.

I Like You, But I’m With Your Customers

I don’t usually take sides, but if it comes down to it, I’m in favour of your customers. After all, they’re the people that pay you and, in turn, me.

A freelance copywriter’s real work is more than writing. Anybody can write.

A good copywriter takes a long, hard look at your business from the perspective of your customers and asks ‘What would they want to know?’. A copywriter looks out for the interests of your customers and, as a result, helps you to earn their trust or keep them loyal.

Copywriting gives brands a personality – make sure yours isn’t a bit self-obsessed.


  1. Martin Sayers

    Nice point well made Stephen – ignorance is bliss where copywriting is concerned!

    1. Stephen

      Hi Martin

      Thanks! I was concerned that the first comment would be ‘Yes, you are right – you know nothing.”

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