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Four Obvious Things About Running a Copywriting Business

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Nobody’s asked, but you might be wondering why I keep stating the obvious.

Well, when I wrote Four Obvious Things About Copywriting, it was because these were things people sometimes seemed to forget.

The very basics of copywriting. The things you know instinctively, automatically, and from the moment you write your first piece.

They’re forgotten because they’re too obvious. They’re not creative. They’re not clever. They don’t make people say ‘Wow, you’re such an imaginative little fellow.’

But they do help sell things. Which is good.

Now, I’ve decided to state some obvious things about running your business. You can read Four Obvious Things About Running a Copywriting Business as a guest post over at Copywriter Collective.

How to avoid my obvious mistakes

When I became a freelance copywriter, I didn’t know what I was doing. I had no idea what keeping a business going entailed, and how to deal with the unexpected problems that crop up every day.

Today, looking back, some of the mis-steps I’ve taken are incredibly obvious mistakes. I always knew what I should be doing, but dangerously bent my own rules here and there.

And, in retrospect, that’s probably cost me money.

Four Obvious Things About Running a Copywriting Business is a reminder. It doesn’t tell you things you don’t already know. It won’t give you the secret of making £600,756 in 60 minutes from the comfort of your home (That’d just be silly).

Instead, it’ll restate some very obvious things about charging clients, handling their invoices, and avoiding the obvious mistakes I’ve already made.

Be sure to check it out now over at Copywriter Collective – Four Obvious Things About Running a Copywriting Business.

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