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Four Obvious Things About Copywriting

This is a
2 minute read.

A free downloadable guide to copywriting basics for beginners.
And a reminder for those of us that should know better.

On the blog, I tend to write about big concepts and precise details. Things like using fear to sell, or how the placement of a full stop changes the way something feels.

That’s great, but not everyone’s ready for that.

Some people would benefit more from a guide to the very basic things that a freelance copywriter keeps in mind. The key concepts of copy.

The obvious parts.

They’re copywriting tips you’ll need to know before you write, and things that anybody commissioning copy should be aware of.

And I’ve put them together in a free PDF download.

For Copywriting Commissioners

Most copywriters would say that the best clients are the ones who know a bit about copy. A little bit of knowledge goes a long way and smooths the process towards a successful project.

But most clients don’t know an awful lot. They’re too busy running the rest of the business, and they’d readily admit that.

So before you commission any copy, Four Obvious Things About Copywriting will give you an idea of:

  • Why anybody needs a copywriter at all
  • The obvious traits of obviously good copywriting
  • The bits that are obvious, but far from easy to get right

That means better briefs, a better working relationship, and better copy.

Best of all, it’s dead short, and free.

For Freelance Copywriters

If you’re a freelance copywriter, you’re probably thinking this is the most condescending thing I’ve ever done. Writing something so simple, without any of the complexity that copywriting really has.

Yeah, you’d be right. There’s nothing clever in this guide, nor anything staggeringly new.

But what I see are aspiring copywriters looking for a simple, all-in-one guide to copywriting for beginners. Clients who don’t want to read articles across twenty different websites, but just get an instant summary of what copywriting is all about.

Four Obvious Things About Copywriting is called that because it is that. Obvious.

But even though it’s not going to tell you anything you don’t already know, it’s going to put it all in one place. So tweet it out, give it to your clients, or use it the next time someone asks you for advice on getting started with copywriting.

Because for all the clever creativity, for all the flashes of inspiration, I fundamentally believe that the heart of copywriting is nothing more than these four obvious things.

Download Four Obvious Things About Copywriting

You can download Four Obvious Things About Copywriting now, for free.

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