Creating a tone of voice and copy that connects with customers.

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SmartDriverClub Tone of Voice & Web Copy

The project.

A new insurance and telematics brand, SmartDriverClub needed to develop its core proposition and express it with the right tone of voice. I worked with digital marketing agency Pumpkin on everything from the initial elevator pitch to creating and articulating tone of voice guidelines – then put them into practice across internal collateral and the brand’s website.

The copy (excerpt).

Technology’s overrated. It’s people that are smart. The right technology just gives you the tools you need to act that way.

The SmartDriverClub plug-in gives you quick access to sensible information. So you know when your car needs a service. You find out about maintenance issues before they turn into big (and expensive) maintenance nightmares. And you can keep track of your car if it’s lost or stolen.

All the control and convenience you expect from all your devices.

Now available in your car.

SmartDriverClub Brand Tone of Voice

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