Capturing what makes a company unique in one essential document.

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Turmeric Positioning & Elevator Pitch

The project.

Turmeric Group Logo

In an industry that’s rife with buzzwords and complexity, business consultants and facilitators turmeric needed a way to stand out. I worked closely with the company to tease out what made it unique, then captured that in a simple elevator pitch that would become a touchstone for future messaging.

The copy.

At Turmeric, we work to bring your organisation’s goals to life. So we start there, not with a pattern we prepared earlier.

Our unique experience puts us at the cross-section of the behavioural and the technical. We understand people and businesses alike. So we find the best fit for your challenges, whether that’s bringing our psychological insight, using management theory to enable leaders, or rethinking business processes.

It’s an approach that adapts for an outcome that is always same: we bring people practical ways to grow, thrive, and reach unprecedented heights.

Turmeric Positioning & Elevator Pitch

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