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Your Press Release Copywriting Is Not Exciting

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Cue the fireworks. This piece of news is very, very exciting.

You see, for the first time ever, this company is doing a thing. The thing is incredibly exciting. The company said ‘We are very excited about doing this thing.’

As well as calling on a press release writer, the company also decided to get their copywriter to put together a blog post. The blog post was just as exciting, but less formal. In fact, the lack of formality made the excitement all the more frenzied.

Here is a tip for everybody who has ever issued a press release – it’s not that exciting.

But that doesn’t matter.

Nobody Cares About Your Baby

Let’s imagine you’ve found out you’re having a baby. You’re excited and, well, that’s fine – you clearly haven’t thought about the hard work, yet.

So you start telling everyone you know. Friends, family, colleagues, strangers. You want to shout it out and I understand that.

But you must accept that the majority of people just don’t care as much as you do.

When your company invests in new technology, makes sweeping policy changes, or has a rebrand, there is a good chance that you are more excited about it than anybody else is. That’s not a bad thing – you can use your excitement to invigorate your copywriting wherever you have the chance.

But as you ask your press release writer to send your message out into the world, understand that you might need something more. How can you relate your news to your customers and prospects? What interesting information can you share that will make the release or blog post copy more timely?

Some people will be excited when you make your big announcement. Your brand has an immediate family of customers and they’ll hotly anticipate the arrival of your baby.

But if you really want results, you need to work hard to engage the rest of the world.

A Good Press Release Writer Finds The News

It would be a lovely idea to think that every company had a good reason to put a press release out there. The truth is, they don’t.

Sometimes, clients contact me with an idea of the subject they’d like to cover – it’s my job to find the information that makes the release as relevant, engaging and publication-worthy as possible.

On other occasions, clients don’t know what to talk about, just that they’d like to be heard. I can suggest ideas to help them find the news that is right there in their businesses.

So stop looking for exciting news to share and, even if you have something that you are passionate about sharing, realise that it’s just the start. Excitement doesn’t just happen, it is created.

Contact me to discuss how what exciting things are happening with you right now.


  1. Mike Robinson

    Very true. Journalists are inundated with lots of exciting releases – exciting only from the perspective of the sender. If you can give them something genuinely of interest to their readers and are lucky enough for your release to arrive at just the right time, then you’ve a chance of your news finding its way into print.

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