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Spare A Thought For Creative Copywriter Orphans

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As a creative copywriter, inspiration often  comes without notice – and not exactly when I need it to. A copywriter can write, sure, but also trades on creative ideas. Coming up with the right approach, the best angle, and the ideal way to sell to customers is the most important duty of a copywriter. When inspiration strikes, nothing is more exciting.

But sometimes, getting inspired is a source of frustration.

Creative Copywriting That Clients Don’t Know They Want

For two completely different clients, I have recently been fortunate enough to come up with some really strong copy. These are the kinds of ideas that set the standard for an entire campaign, distilling lots of information into a clear, concise angle.

Both of these ideas can be expressed in less than five words. And yet, in those five words, they:

  • Describe what the client does
  • Describe what makes the client unique
  • Address the audience’s main motivation for making a purchase
  • Define the client’s voice that can be adapted for everything from website copywriting to print.

Most importantly, though, they make me smile. They make me sit back and say, in a self-obsessed kind of way, ‘Well, that’s a good piece of work.’

Of course, my clients don’t say that. Because they don’t even know that these ideas exist.  You see, they are ideas that nobody asked for and that don’t apply to work we are currently doing together. These are the flashes of inspiration that seem utterly useless.

These are the orphans that a copywriter creates.

These two ideas are abandoned souls. They are left to fend for themselves in a world where they are not wanted, not loved, not used. They exist only to sell things to people, but they’re not selling anything. They have no meaning, no purpose, no point.

So what are they for?

Clients Don’t Want My Copywriting. Yet.

One of those great creative copywriting ideas just punched me. In the face.

You see, the whole orphan thing was a trick. They’re not abandoned. They’re not cowering. They’re biding their time, building their strength, becoming more refined with every passing day. These copywriting orphans are waiting to pounce.

My clients don’t know how much they love these new ideas, but the time will come when they’re ready to be unveiled. I’ll be there, waiting to release my orphans out into the world.

And – because they’ve been made to wait – they’re stronger than ever before.

Meet A Copywriting Orphan

Sometimes those sparks of inspiration aren’t ever intended for clients. These are my babies, being trained to go out and sell me.

I thought I’d end this post by giving you the chance to meet one of them. Meet Copy-Led Advert 1 (I named him myself).

He’s nearing the time when I can send him out to stand for himself, I just can’t decide yet where to put him. A postcard? A press ad? Who knows.

But although I’m not sure how and I’m not sure where he’ll make his mark, I’ve every confidence that when he finds his home, he’ll do great work.

(Click once on the image to open it up.)

The Copy:

Hello. Howdy. Hi. Nothing. That’s what’s wrong with your brand.

Sure, you’re talking. Your brochure blabs. Your press ad prattles. Your homepage harps on. You’re talking. A Lot.

But you’re talking to yourself like that woman who is always at the bus stop. People pass by, giving you funny looks.

They never say hello.

So they don’t know that you’re witty, you’re intelligent, you’re trustworthy. They don’t know you have exactly that special thing that they’ve spent years searching for. They don’t wait around to hear what your business could do for them.

They just see you waffling on without wisdom, speaking without the sparkle.

Your flyer should fascinate. Your voice should be vivid. Your text should testify.

I can help with that.

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