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Six Years, Twelve Questions

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Way back in August 2012, I took part in an interview over at the Professional Copywriters Network – now just ProCopywriters (because every copywriter loves a rebrand).

We talked about everything from how I got started as a freelance copywriter with absolutely no experience to what I’d learnt, what I liked, and what I didn’t like.

But, at that point, I was just a few short years in. Since then, a lot has changed. And just after a bit of a rebrand, an evolved version of my logo, and an ever-busier workload, the time was right to revisit.

The friendly folks over at ProCopywriters have just published a new interview with me – part of their series of revisited spotlights that’s definitely worth a read.

In the interview, we cover some interesting areas like:

  • Why my niche is how I tackle projects, not the subject areas I write about
  • The advice to new copywriters that I hate the most
  • The importance of recognising what you can’t do – and why it pays to find someone who can

Check it out and, if you violently disagree with anything, I’d love to hear from you.

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