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A Copywriter Doesn’t Always Sell Things

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It’s here again. It’s almost Christmas. And there are things everywhere.

Things to eat. Things to do. Things to wrap. 

As you’d imagine, I’ve written copy to sell a huge range of things over the course of the year – from cars to milk.

But many of my most memorable projects in 2017 haven’t been about selling things at all.

They’ve been about selling ideas.

You see, a copywriter doesn’t just sell things. They sell ways of thinking. And beliefs. And attitudes. And people.

Most recently, I was invited by online tutoring platform Tutorful (formerly Tutora) to help university applicants do just that: sell themselves with words.

In How To Sell Yourself in your Personal Statement, part of The Complete University Application Guide, I cover:

  • How classic copywriting techniques apply to selling a human being
  • Why a claim and then proof is better than proof that builds to a claim (here’s a clue; nobody will read any of it)
  • The importance of talking to people, not institutions

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