Capturing a complete sense of value in a refreshingly concise brochure.

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OHWorks Brochure Copy

The project.

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Working with graphic and website design agency bubblegate, I helped occupational health and wellbeing firm OHWorks communicate their core proposition. In a short brochure, we covered the uniquely tailored service that the company provides – and the benefits that would win potential clients.

The copy (excerpt).

Providing a service that’s tailored to you.

At OHWorks, we work with business of all sizes. Everything from local authorities to hospitals, educational establishments and more.

But above all else, we’re focused on people.

After all, the people within an organisation keep things going. Their wellbeing is directly linked to the wellbeing of your business – and any absence slows your productivity.

Our team of leading professionals understand that your business is unique and the people within it make it so. That’s why we offer tailored occupational health and wellbeing services to suit your organisation, keeping your team healthy and happy – and driving absences down.

It’s a personal service that helps you meet your corporate goals – by taking care of the people who’ll make them a reality.

OHWorks Brochure Copy

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