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Website Copywriting That’s More Than SEO

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I’ve got into these copy-heavy bits of work designed to promote myself as a freelance copywriter.

They’re stylish, efficient, and a great way to present my views on copywriting in a way that isn’t a 140-character tweet or a blog post.

The latest one covers that tricky issue of SEO. You can view it by clicking the thumbnail below.

It’s designed to showcase copy, provoke opinion, and steal attention. But, while I love how SEO has expanded the market for copywriters online, this is also fairly reflective of what I really think.

The Copy:

OMG! Your SEO! Front page. First position.

But WTF? It’s not helping.

Your SEO drives traffic, but your content drives customers away. Customers. You remember them, right?

They’re the humans. The people looking for help. The ones that really matter. The ones with the money.

Robots don’t spend. SEO doesn’t sell.

So here’s an idea. Let’s forget articles for algorithms. Forget content for crawlers. Forget SEO. Forget PPC.

I can help you connect with PPL.

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