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Negotiate Yourself a Better Freelance Fee

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2013 Update: Well, I’m sorry to say that the site I linked to in this post isn’t online anymore. That’s a shame. So, instead, ignore those links and take this article for what it’s worth by itself.

How much are your services worth?

One of the hardest tasks as a freelance copywriter is working with the money side of things. It’s a shame, because for all of the job satisfaction and wonderful clients, it’s the money that matters.

If you’re not getting paid, you may as well quit copywriting and write your world-changing novel or script!

But negotiating a good deal with no experience is tough. Some extra advice can help you to organise your thoughts, set a price, and know how to get the copywriting fee you deserve, or the terms that suit you.

HomeForBusiness is an excellent resource, designed around the needs of new start-ups in any industry. The articles, newsletters and free resources on the site are tailored to people that work from home, but are valuable to just about anyone who runs their own business.

Recently, I contributed a guest article to the site – Don’t Undersell Yourself – Negotiate a Better Deal. (Sorry, it’s not online anymore)

The article was written drawing on my experiences as a freelance copywriter, but applies to any freelancer who wants to maximise their revenue and grow their business – without compromising on customer relationships.

The Importance of Reciprocation

As a side note, I’m surprised at the amount of people I speak to who understand the selling techniques that make great copy work, but rarely use them as part of their own business.

Any copywriting book worth reading mentions the rule of reciprocation – that is, if you give something to somebody, they will naturally feel inclined to give something back.

This is why:

  • Charities give away pens that nobody needs
  • Online content gives away educational information that is valuable
  • Companies create reports and free resources to give away to customers

Of course, if you’re looking for an example, HomeForBusiness is a great one. When you sign up, you get a selection of impressive resources, including two free ebooks. These aren’t just incentives for sign-up – they are quality resources that people find useful.

And when you give somebody great content for free, they will want to give something back.

Compromise Sells

Negotiation is not just a way of being friendly and winning more business. It is an essential tool of persuasion.

When you concede on price or the terms of your service, you are giving something away. You’re sowing the seeds of reciprocation.

So make sure you know how to negotiate, and read my article on negotiating for some extra advice.

Give something away to your potential or existing client. It just might win you that next job, or get that payment in on time.


  1. Amy

    Hi Stephen, great article – very well written. It really made me want to read your article in home for business but none of the links seem to work?
    Thanks for posting such detailed and informative blogs on your site – it makes a very interesting read to someone like myself who is considering moving into freelance at some point in the future.

  2. Stephen

    Hi Amy

    Thanks for posting!

    Seems like the link has moved. It’s available at http://www.homeforbusiness.co.uk/negotiating/

    Thanks for letting me know, and thanks for your very kind words about the post and the blog. It’s much appreciated!


    PS. I wouldn’t be a very good marketer if I didn’t say – remember you can subscribe to receive blog updates every time. If you have already, thanks! You’re awesome.

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