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Freelance Copywriter Interview

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As a freelance copywriter, I often need to explain exactly what I’m selling.
More often than not, the answer is incredibly simple – I’m selling me.

If you’d be interested to find out more about the man you get for your money when you contact me for copywriting services, I’ve recently been featured over at the Pro Copywriters Network. The interview covers how I got started as a freelance copywriter, what kind of work I do, and an insight into my outlook on creating great copy.

Following on from that interview, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share a little more on what exactly it is that I’m selling.

What Is A Freelance Copywriter Selling?

Fundamentally, I’ll sell whatever you tell me to.

But first of all, before I take you on as a copywriting client, I’m selling myself.

On some level, this means words. A copywriter writes things, that’s fairly obvious, and I provide website copywriting, press advertisement copywriting, slogans, taglines – just about anything that you might need.

If I’m asked what I do for a living – or if somebody asks the dreaded ‘What is a copywriter?’ question – the answer is: ‘Anything that a business needs to write down, I can do that.’

Of course, it’s not just a case of hitting the keys. Another element of what I do is create tone of voice, helping to give your brand a sense of character and an engaging, charming personality.

A Freelance Copywriter Sells Persuasion

And don’t forget persuasion.

As Alastaire Allday explained in his guest post earlier this week, a freelance copywriter is a salesman. I call on a wealth of time-proven techniques that help convince potential customers to buy, and existing customers to buy more.

Sometimes this means imaginative, creative copywriting that makes something magic happen to your brand. Sometimes, this just means simple, clean and straightforward writing that tells your prospects about what you do.

And we’re back to my interview over at the Pro Copywriters Network. Nothing clever, just the facts – who I am, what I do, and why I do it.

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