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Copywriting With Lies

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Truth is a funny thing, isn’t it?

It’s only natural for a copywriter to think that hard facts are the way to sell products and services. Sometimes, honesty is the best policy – after all, nobody likes to be deceived.

Or do they?

Think of the millions of books sold every year, the hours that people spend watching TV drama, or the impossibility of getting a good seat in the cinema on a Friday night. People love stories. People love to be deceived in the right way.

And that’s fortunate, because copywriters are by trade deceptive.

The ability to act as somebody else is essential. I’m going to be honest – I don’t have a lifelong interest in medicine. But I can still do great medical copywriting.

Why be you when you can be the mouthpiece of a brand, or a business? Lies and fictions are among the most powerful tools available to copywriters, and not ones to be ignored!

Learn More About Lies and Copywriting

I’ve recently published a blog post about lying in copywriting at the Pro Copywriters Network. Head over and read it for more on this subject.

If you’ve not seen the PCN before, it’s a useful resource for clients and copywriters alike. For copywriters, it’s an opportunity to chat with other people who really understand what you do, share ideas, and list yourself in a rapidly growing directory. For clients, the PCN offers a way to check the legitimacy of a copywriter, as well as getting more information on recommended copywriting rates.

The PCN is well worth a visit.
Would I lie to you?

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