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Why You Probably Shouldn’t Steal This Copy

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Recently, I’ve been super into helping newer copywriters.

There’s enough work out there for everyone and one of my favourite things to do is writer needlessly long email responses to questions from people starting out.

Anything to pretend I’m working while actually just chatting in an email.

But, with an eye on what new copywriters are doing and how they’re marketing themselves, I’ve noticed a handful of cases where someone has ‘borrowed’ the messaging from this website. In some cases, ‘borrowed’ entire paragraphs intact.

In a lot of ways, it’s an ego boost. At least I’m surfacing in the search results. But it strikes me as a bad idea, no matter how much time you saved.

This isn’t a post about the ethical question. It’s not a long way of saying ‘If you’re going to be a copywriter, it might be good to practice writing your own copy.’ 

It’s a post about why repurposing any other copywriter’s story is setting yourself up for failure.

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