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Copywriter, Wear Some Trousers

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Why is that every so many freelance copywriters are obsessed with their pants?

I’m joking, of course. It’s not just pants. It’s pyjamas, dressing gowns, and every kind of clothing there is.

They talk about their copywriting services – I’m with them. They mention some existing clients – I’m still there.

And then…

“The best thing is that I get to write in my pants!”

…and I’m out.

I’ve literally seen this on dozens of copywriters’ websites. I can’t help but wonder who these people are trying to be.

Are You Being A Creative, Freelance or Professional Copywriter?

The thing is, most of the copywriters that include ‘witty’ remarks about how they work in front of Jeremy Kyle aren’t terrible copywriters. I can almost see their point – they’re being informal, friendly, and casual with potential clients.

But if I called any business and the person who answered the phone told me he was in a thong, I’d reconsider where I spent my money.

Part of the problem is the wealth of terms that copywriters can use to create an identity.

Let’s look at just three of them –

Creative Copywriter 

This charming fellow is a little on the eccentric side, finding the remarkable connections in the world that others miss. That’s what makes him able to think up new ideas for campaigns.

He’s probably working for you from the comfort of a beer garden, with a jug of Pimm’s. In the rain. Because he’s just so wacky!

Freelance Copywriter

This character enjoys, above all else, the freedom of being his own boss. He starts work when it suits him, but that also means he works late to get your copywriting done on time.

He’s doing so many different things to run his own business that your only concern is how much time he has left for the copy.

Professional Copywriter

Let’s use a girl, for the sake of equality.

The professional copywriter is wearing a suit, but she hasn’t got Don Draper’s charm. She’s probably a bit dry, concerned about the numbers and the logic of copywriting, not those crazy 2am ideas that just might work.

But she is the most dependable copywriter of the bunch, early to rise and working to a strict daily routine.

Which copywriter are you? The reality is, you’re all three.

Forget Pants, Focus On Copywriter Hats

When a copywriter decides to include a hilarious comment about being too lazy to get dressed, they’re forgetting the professional copywriter. When somebody uses boiler-plate blog posts (‘X Ways To Do XYZ’), they’re forgetting the creative copywriter. And the only way to do a good job find the balance between all of these different characters.

I am a freelance copywriter. I work for myself and enjoy the flexibility that can come with that. I’m a creative copywriter because I offer a unique perspective and new, original ideas.

But above all else I’m a professional.
You can tell because I’m, thankfully, fully-clothed.

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